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Module XX A : Metabolic Code Triad Training – Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI)

August 11, 2016 - August 13, 2016


The Metabolic Code Triad system creates a framework to assess & treat patients by first understanding these important interrelationship hierarchies & then provides specific treatment recommendations. The Metabolic Code Triad Training is a breakthrough approach in clinical medicine that serves to organize complex patient presentations into a unified treatment approach.

The module will cover five triads that together underlie the clinical framework of the Metabolic Code. Case-based teaching forms a central part of the training, ensuring that the learner gains specific tools & techniques to effectively treat patients immediately after completing the course.

Triad 1: Adrenals – Thyroid – Pancreas – Reviews the significant physiologic, reciprocal relationships between cortisol levels, thyroid functions & insulin sensitivity. Patients often report fatigue & depression, while progressing towards insulin resistance & auto-immunity when this triad deteriorates. This lecture will explore these interactions, common clinical presenting symptoms & how to effectively manage them therapeutically.

Triad 2: Gut – Immune – Brain – Reviews the physiologic relationships between the digestive tract, immune system & brain. We will also examine the important role stress plays as a mediator of these interconnections. Understanding Triad 2 is critical to evaluating patients with complex presentations such as fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, cancer, mood disorders, cognitive impairments & digestive problems.

Triad 3: Cardio – Pulmonary – Neuro-Vascular – Reviews the physiologic relationships between mood, the central & peripheral nervous systems & cardiac function. The brain, mind, lungs & heart are connected in intimate ways, with early disturbances leading to endothelial dysfunction, a precursor to hypertension, vascular pathologies & heart disease.

Triad 4: Liver – Lymph – Kidney – Reviews the interrelationships between the ‘drainage’ systems of the body including the liver, lymph & kidneys. There is a growing awareness of the impact environmental toxins have on human physiology. Organophosphates, chemical byproducts, heavy metals, antibiotics & hormones all contribute to many chronic diseases. It is critical that health practitioners learn methods to assess the clinical burden of environmental exposure & acquire tools to safely remove these factors from their patients.

Triad 5: Estrogen – Progesterone – Testosterone – Reviews the role sex hormones play in human health. Their decline with age contributes to the worsening of the most common chronic illnesses & creates a large burden on quality of life for many men & women. Understanding how to balance & restore when appropriate, these hormones is a centerpiece of any anti-aging practice. Estrogen, progesterone & testosterone will be explored in detail with regard to normal functioning & in particular how they interrelate in the context of human physiology. Methods of assessment &treatment will be reviewed for both men & women.


Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI)
+1 (561) 910-4960


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The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel and Resort
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