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Medical Radiation Safety Officer – Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC)

July 30, 2016 - July 31, 2016


If you need a current update, or you are planning to become a radiation safety officer, don’t miss this opportunity to obtain the technical and practical information from one of the most authoritative persons in the industry. A targeted approach to the information most useful for introduction to a medical RSO is investigated. Satisfying state requirements for specialized training can be accomplished in this educational activity.

Course Topics

  • Radiation fundamentals: nuclear and atomic physics, radioactive decay, units of radioactivity and radiation dose
  • Radiation safety committees: organization, requirements, records, accountability
  • RSO Responsibilities
  • Biological effects of Radiation
  • Personnel dosimetry: Bioassay and personnel dosimeters
  • Radiation detection and measurement instruments
  • X-ray machine exposures: Calculation of exposures
  • External radiation protection: Time, distance and shielding
  • Radiation protection programs: Program reviews
  • Minimizing dose in fluoroscopy and high dose examinations
  • Preparing for inspections, record keeping, and documentation
  • Radiation sources and equipment
  • Radioactive materials licensing
  • Security of radioactive materials and increased controls
  • Authorized users and training requirements
  • Radioactive materials wipe tests, inventory, best practices
  • Shipping and receiving of radioactive materials for medical facilities
  • Sealed source leak tests
  • Radiation instrument calibration
  • Emergency response, spills, and patient care
  • Medical radioactive waste management
  • Record keeping and audits

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